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Mon - Fri  8 am - 9 pm

Sat -  10 am – 2 pm

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Building foundations, Fundamental classes it's where all begins. Directed to beginners and students in all levels, this class will help you to understand the basic moves, learn self-defense, work on your physical conditioning.

This class will prepare you for the next level, teaching you basic postures, immobilization, escapes and submissions.

Students in all levels helping each other to build and improve a strong foundation. 

There are many situations in which the application of skills learned in the martial arts can help to ensure that a police officer on the street makes it home at the end of the shift

 The benefits of martial arts to a police officer go beyond the ability to control another person. Martial arts help promote the physical and emotional health of officers through physical and mental conditioning


Specials prices for law enforcement officers.

White Belts 1st Degree and up.

After couple months in our Fundamental Program you're ready for this next level.

With more technical movements, this class will teach you another level of techniques that will make you ready to compete at local and international level tournaments, model you to become a MMA fighter or a practitioner for life.

The work-out at this level is also more intense improving your health, flexibility and strength.




Learn how to defend yourself in a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment while getting one of the best full body workouts available. 

Thru Brazilian jiu jitsu we empower women from all ages, to become able to defend their self against a bigger and stronger aggressor, BJJ will also build your self confidence, helping you physically and mentally for dally bases routine.